5 Reasons My Vape Tank Leaking and How to Fix It?

A leaking vape tank can frustrate any vaper. Like any other annoyance, a leaky tank can happen anywhere when least expected, putting you in a mess. Most people have experienced the atomizer leakage problem and wonder how to fix it.

Before fixing a leaking vape tank, you must identify what’s causing the problem. Several factors cause a vape tank to leak. However, it isn’t the end of the world as you can fix the problem. If your tank is consistently leaning vape juice, here is how you can fix it.

1.   Replace the vape coil

Check your coil whenever you have a leaking vape tank. A faulty or old coil will struggle to soak juice, resulting in a leak from the airflow vents. The tank will leak from the airflow holes if a coil doesn’t need wick juice properly. If the coil doesn’t work correctly, you may experience symptoms that cause a tank to leak.

The best solution is to change the coils every two weeks, depending on your usage. Replace your coil before it stops working and causes the tank to leak. A burnt wick will not draw on the vape juice and gives off a burnt taste. If you experience a weak flavor, it’s time to change the atomizer.

Also, replace the coil depending on the type of e-liquid you use. The vaporizer has a coil that is suited to different vape juice types. If you use a resistance coil, then use Pachamama e-liquid flavors with a higher PG concentration. You will need a stronger draw on a high resistance coil to enjoy the vaping. This can loosen the rings around the tank.

1.   Fill the vape tank correctly.

Improper filling of the tank is the most frequent cause of leaking. Most people have experienced this problem of filling up the vape liquid in the wrong way. A vape tank will leak when there is flooding or when filling incorrectly. Therefore, tilt the tank when filling to ensure it runs down the inside of the glass.

The fix is to ensure you fill the tank without getting the vape juice in the central tube. Don’t overfill the tank as the liquid can leak out of the coil housing because of flooding. When the e-juice gets into the coil because of overflooding, it can affect its performance. Leave a slight air of pocket at the top when filling. This space can prevent the liquid from leaking out.

The solution is to take caution when filling your tank to avoid spilling the liquid into the chimney. A chimney is a central tube in a vape tank that runs from the coil to the mouthpiece. Spilling the liquid into this chimney will affect its performance. Hence, don’t get any e-liquid down the chimney.

2.   Use the correct wattage.

Another reason for vape tank leakage is the surplus of juice in the atomizer. Sometimes the juice pulls into the coil to vaporize and leaks out of the housing. The liquids leak out of the coil housing depending on the temperature settings. Check your vaporizer power settings to stop a leaking vape tank. Most e-cigarettes have temperature settings that allow you to set the optimal range without forcing the liquid out of the vape tank. Avoid chain vaping as it can affect the coil and cause the tank to leak.

If you vape at high temperatures, the vaporizer can overheat and cause leaking. Choose a temperature setting in the middle of the top and bottom wattage suggestions. However, you can switch to a higher power setting to vaporize more juice per puff if the tank is flooding.

3.   Inspect the damaged tank

A damaged vape tank will cause the liquid to leak if the liquid spills in the chimney. Several factors can damage the tank, including overheating and poor maintenance. For example, chain vaping can offer pressure on the coil, which can affect the tank. Overtightening also breaks the o-rings. Any hairline crack in the glass can cause the liquid to seep out.

The solution is to check your tank for cracks or and damages. Ensure you installed rings accurately with no noticeable gaps for the liquid to leak. For example, the broken o-rings will need replacement to prevent leaking. This is because broken rubber rings won’t create a proper seal for the tank. Sometimes this ring can get damaged when used or degraded. Get rid of them and replace them with new rings that will seal.

4.   Tighten the vape tank well

The vaping liquid will escape from joins in the tank if it is loosely tightened or overtightened. If the tank is loosely tightened, there will be gaps if you don’t screw part of the tank properly, causing the liquid to link. Similarly, overtightening parts of the tank can damage the sealing ring and cause leaking. When you overtighten, you can rip the rings at the bottom and top end of the tank. This can cause juice leakage because of poor air seal.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever experienced a leaky vape, there are reasons for it. This guide has described factors that cause a vape tank to leak and how you can fix it. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent a leaky vape tank and enjoy its use. Cleaning the tank frequently can limit issues of spillage. Through regular maintenance, you can discover any mishap in the vaporizer before it affects its performance.

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