New Bill May Finally Allow Veterinarian CBD Discussion

Both chambers of the Michigan Legislature have now passed a bill that will allow Michigan veterinarians to communicate with pet owners on items that contain CBD oil or THC.

Items sold to pet owners offering to ease their pet’s suffering with CBD oil or THC have long been available to consumers. However while talking to their patients about such products, Michigan veterinarians are offering care in an area where the legalities are not fully understood.

Bill 5085 Advice for Veterinarians

House Bill 5085 will authorize veterinarians to advise pet owners on their animals’ use of marijuana or industrial hemp goods. As part of a flurry of bills policymakers are bringing up until the regular session expires this month, it passed the Senate overwhelmingly recently.

And that, my dear readers, is the topic of the article… the simple fact that an employee in a pet store, a person selling products in a stand in a shopping mall, and even a random person on Facebook can speak, recommend, and even, (in fact ) prescribe a specific CBD product for your pets, however your vet — the very person who is most qualified and consequently should be supplying you with such insight and guidance — could get in trouble for doing so. And that’s simply ridiculous! And it may be dangerous, too.

Since learning from veterinarians in his district, the representative who is spearheading the bill previously said that while consumers sometimes have concerns about how items containing CBD or THC could impact the welfare of their pet, state law does not specifically authorize veterinarians to negotiate with pet owners the pros and cons of the products.

Does Veterinarians Legally licensed

Veterinarians are still not legally licensed to conduct conversations about whether a pet has been subjected to marijuana, which doctors believe can raise issues with the handling of animals, and in the case of unintended exposure, THC can interfere with other drugs or trigger medical problems.

Although the 2018 Farm Bill loosened the constraints about hemp-derived CBD, eliminating it in the Schedule I designation (which was ridiculous to start with — however that is a topic for a whole other discussion), limitations on the ability of veterinarians to discuss, recommend, and prescribe CBD for pets nevertheless exist. Or they may exist. We don’t really completely know as the law and regulations, both federally and on a state-by-state foundation aren’t just straightforward. And given the reality that”getting it wrong” could leave veterinarians vulnerable to disciplinary or legal action should they talk cannabis use with their clients, many veterinarians are (understandably) unwilling to do so.

Since 2008, Michigan has approved medical marijuana use, and in 2018, cannabis and recreational marijuana became legalized. Organic CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an extract obtained from cannabis that can be added to oils and lotions and is used for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain as a natural treatment.

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