Why Should You Vape with a Marijuana Vape Pen?

A marijuana vape pen, better known as cannabis or CBD vape pen here in the UK is a vaping device that you can use to vape marijuana vape oil or more accurately CBD vape oil. Although there are many different types of vaping devices available for sale in the market, a vape pen is designed specifically for high-intensity cannabis oils that need more heating to activate their CBD content. And that’s where a marijuana vape pen comes into the picture. 

Therefore, in this post, I will explain why vaping cannabis using a marijuana vape pen is really the best way to vape. But first, let’s get familiar with vaping and what it really means when it comes to CBD or medical cannabis.

What is vaping? 

Vaping is simply a healthier way to inhale cannabis than smoking. It involves heating whichever type of cannabis you pick, either in dried herb or in oil form, to temperatures below its combustion point. This heating method produces healthy vapors which you can then inhale to absorb the healing properties of cannabis. 

Vaping can be done using a variety of vaping devices but it all depends on the kind of marijuana vape oil you want to use. Let’s take a look.

Which device should I use to vape marijuana? 

Apart from the type of cannabis oil, the country you live in and your local laws also play a major role in the kind of CBD products that you can buy. 

In the UK, any cannabis product with more than 0.3% THC is not allowed since that’s the main psychoactive compound responsible for making you feel high. Therefore, marijuana is substituted with hemp which contains little to no traces of THC (less than 0.2%) while being rich in CBD, the main medical compound of cannabis. Thus when we talk about marijuana vape oil in the UK, we are really referring to a hemp or CBD vape oil. 

CBD vape oils are usually pretty high in CBD making them the strongest cannabis oils for vaping. With about 55-65% of CBD content, these vape oils are much thicker and sticky as compared to other low-intensity cannabis vape juices such as CBD e-liquids. And so a marijuana vape pen is what you should use to experience its full effects because conventional vaping devices won’t be able to activate the cannabis content to its full capacity. 

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to a good CBD vape pen here in the UK. But I’d suggest you go with a complete vape pen starter kit especially if you’re new in the cannabis scene. 

The best vape pen starter kit will be a combo of the actual vape pen, standard 510 thread battery, battery charger, and a detachable cartridge that can either be refilled or replaced. Moreover, a cool high-tech vape pen will also let you switch between different voltages to vape different CBD oils, including stunning features such as pre-heating to have it ready by the time you start vaping. 

For instance, our CBD Vape Pen is an amazing vape pen to get you started. It contains all the necessary functionality that actually allows you to switch between CBD e liquid and CBD vape oil cartridges depending on your mood. It’s lightweight and portable making it easier to carry along and vape on the go. 

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